For Leisure Travelers

We have a wide variety of guided tours, free and easy packages for a weekend getaway or family trips to regional cities and beaches. We also have special interest tours and sports trip such as diving trips, golf trips, mountain climbing etc.

Whatever your interest, our experienced staff will be able to find a suitable package that will suit your needs.

We are able to provide our overseas visitors and friends inbound transportation to our local attractions, or even just to ferry them from point to point.

We are able to provide inbound services because of our network with the tour guides and our understanding of local attractions. With our friendly staffs, be assured that you will enjoy a wonderful trip from the time you book the tour to the time you come back. We hope you enjoy a unique and wonderful experience with us.

For Corporate Travelers

Our management has the expertise to understand our corporate client’s requirements, preference and needs, and will be able to ensure that their travels are comfortable and hassle-free. We also have experiences in organizing overseas seminars and events for our corporate clients.

With the fast pace and ever changing business environment, we position ourselves alongside you, to tackle challenges and issues from your company’s perspective, and advise you on cost saving possibilities and alternatives, help you formulate travel policies and determine service levels to ensure that your company’s objectives are met.